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Chief Dispatcher:

Reports to: Manager, Flight Dispatcher ,In all cases the Chief Dispatcher is responsible to the Dispatch Manager.

He is responsible to support Dispatch Manager, with all data necessary to safely perform the operation and supervise the progress of the flight and supervises the dispatch officers.

According to the JAR-OPS 1, SUBPART D, 1.195, an Airlines established and maintains a method of exercising operational control approved by the Authority; and exercises operational control over any flight operated under the terms of his AOC.

The applicant shall have demonstrated level of knowledge appropriate to the privileges granted to the holder of flight operations officer licence. In at least the following subjects:

The Chief Dispatcher must:

•  Have a minimum eight years experience as a licensed flight dispatcher;

•  Excellent organisational and planning abilities.

•  Hold a valid Flight Dispatcher Certificate issued by the FAA,ICAO or Local Authority;

•  Have ability to perform his/her work in the airline company during his/her duty;

•  Both commercial and operational experience in the Aviation industry

•  Good understanding of legal aspects of Charter operations (min 8 yrs )

•  Highly developed interpersonal and communicational skills

•  (near) Native speaking in English

•  Solution and Revenue driven

•  University degree or equal level through experience

•  Experience: AFTN, JEPESSEN, SITA, or similar systems



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