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Duties and responsibilities of the Chief Dispatcher are;

•  To co-ordinate and manage the day to day activities of the Department ensuring the safe, efficient and economical operation of Company aircraft in accordance with policy and legislation. The role holder will have man-management responsibility for the Operations team ensuring high standards of work and managing their training needs.

•  Organize and control all planning procedures and flight routes;

•  Monthly aircraft program: he must compare the schedule and the number of aircraft.

•  Advise and support all duty flight operations departments for all required subjects (Aircraft type Chief departments, Performance Management and Quality Management, etc.) ;

•  Collect necessary documents concerning flights and promptly delivery it to the Dispatch Manager.

•  Share equal and joint responsibility with the dispatchers for the safety and operational control of the flight;

•  Take responsible for operational control and passenger/cargo service requirements for flight operations.

•  Watch the Flight Operations according to flight safety. Suitability of the schedule and the rules of economy within the flight operations duties.

•  Search the probabilities of problems and changes and prepare alternative provisions.

•  Inform the ideas to the Dispatch Manager this is about a regular effective and economic operation.

•  To Support Dispatch Manager for to take precautions for an economic and fast operations with making contact with the national and international Air Services.

•  Watch the records about the Flight Dispatchers.

•  Provide the revisions of the documents used in the Flight Operations on time and without absence.

•  Provide the equipment active this is used in the office.

•  Prepare the duty and working schedule of the office crew.

•  Liaison with the Dispatch Manager relative to the impact of Operational Control upon Operations Coordination activities and requirements.

•  To Support Dispatch Manager for monitoring and measuring Flight Dispatcher performance.

•  To organise Flight Dispatcher training requirements and the development and delivery of training courses and criteria.

•  Ensuring the ongoing integrity and operational capacity/capability of all Flight Dispatch technical support systems.

•  To Support Dispatch Manager for liaison with external agencies which may affect Operations Co-ordination.

•  Ensuring that all Flight Dispatch personnel are provided with adequate training, checking and route familiarization suitable to the position being held within the Flight Dispatch organization.

•  Work with the related company departments and to keep necessary records to maintain fuel policy of the company.

•  Follow the various publications which will be used for the Dispatch Office

•  Provide coordination mutually between Dispatch Manager and Dispatch Office Staff.

•  To Support Dispatch Manager for controlling the staff whether they work the FOM standards.

•  Check and prepare necessary information about other countries' procedures, publication, rules, NOTAMs, etc. in case of outside of base operations or sub-charter operations


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