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Duties and responsibilities of the Chief controller are;

•  He/She incharge for all dispatch office staff and their work activities

•  He/she works as a flight Dispatcher with shared responsibilities, but he/she will be incharge/responsible for all operations on his/her duty.

•  Coordination between Dispatch Manager, Chief Dispatch and Dispatch

•  Office staff.

•  Co-ordinate and control all operations in his/her responsibility area ;

•  Follows all necessary publication.

•  Weekly aircraft program: He/she must compare the schedule and the number of aircraft.

•  To monitor and develop the team's performance using appropriate measures and indicators.

•  Updating company computer flight planning route database in accordance with regional restrictions.

•  Quality control of said computer flight plans.

•  Co-ordination of Aircraft Activity

•  Managing computer, communications and IT systems

•  Acts as a instuctor on his/her shift









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