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Flight Dispatcher/Flight Operations Officer:

Reports to: Manager, Flight Dispatch


A Flight Dispatch er, qualified as per DGCA Regulations section JAR OPS1 Subpart D.1.195 wich is approved DGCA,assigned the responsibility of exercising safe and efficient operational control over an AIRLINES flights in conjunction with the Pilot-in-Command, on behalf of the Operations Manager.

Responsible for:

A licensed Dispatcher is responsible for the general duties submitted below according to the requirements. Also The Flight Dispatcher is a member of the flight deck crew under the overall authority/responsibility of the commander.

Operational Control may be performed by only qualified staff. Flight Dispatchers are only and licensed staff for the operational control. Pilot in Command and Flight Dispatcher in charge is the responsible of the operational control of the flight.

Flight Dispatcher must:

•  Both commercial and operational experience in the Aviation industry

•  Good understanding of legal aspects of Charter operations (min 5 yrs )

•  Highly developed interpersonal and communicational skills

•  (near) Native speaking in English

•  Solution and Revenue driven

•  University degree or equal level through experience

•  To work on a shift basis in busy 24 hour operations

•  Excellent organisational and planning abilities

•  Experience: AFTN ,JEPESSEN ,SITA ,or similar systems

•  General Flight / Route Planning.

•  Working knowledge of IFPS Procedures.




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