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e)  No certificate holder conducting an Airlines operations may use any person, nor may any person serve as an aircraft dispatcher to dispatch airplanes in operations under this part unless successfull on the written exam about reqirements on section 3.03

Knowledge Requirements:

The applicant shall have demonstrated level of knowledge appropriate to the privileges granted to the holder of flight operations officer licence. In at least the following subjects:

Aircraft General Knowledge:

•  Principles of operation of aeroplane power plants systems and instruments,

•  Operation limitations of aeroplanes and power plants,

•  Minimum Equipment List.

•  Aerodynamics

Flight Performance Calculation And Planning Procedures:

Effects of loading and mass distribution on aircraft performance and flight characteristics, mass and balance calculation,

Operational flight planning;

a)  Fuel consumption and endurance calculations,

b)  Alternate airport and endurance calculations,

c)  En-route cruise control,

d)  Extended range operations.

e)  Redispaching of a flight

Preparations and Filing of Air Traffic Services Flight Plans:

Appropriate knowledge about the computer - assisted flight plans.


•  Aeronautical meteorology, the movement of pressure systems, the structure of fronts, and the origin and characteristics of significant weather phenomena which effect take off, en route and landing conditions,

•  Interpretation and application of aeronautical meteorological reports, chart and forecasts, codes and abbreviations.


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