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Principles of air navigation with particular reference to instrument flight.

Operational Procedures:

•  Use of aeronautical documentation,

•  Operational procedures for the carriage of freight and Dangerous Goods,

•  Procedure relating to aircraft accidents, incidents, and Emergency Flight Procedures,

•  Procedures relating to unlawful interference and sabotage of aircraft.

Principles of Flight:

Principles of flight relating to the appropriate category of aircraft.

Radio Communication:

Procedures for communicating with aircraft and relevant ground stations.

Experience Requirements:

An applicant for a flight operations officer licence must present documentary evidence to satisfy to the Administrator that he has the experience prescribed in any of the following subjects;

A total of two years service in any or in any combination of the capacities specified sub paragraph 1 to 4. Inclusive, provided that in any combination experience

1-  A flight crew member in an air transportation or,

2-  A meteorologist in an organization dispatching aircraft in air transportation or,

3-  An air traffic controller who works at least 2 years, within last 3 years,

4-  or technical supervisor of Flight Operations Officer or air transportation flight operations system or,

5-  Assistant Flight Dispatch ers in the dispatching of air transport

Applicant must have minimum one of the above experience requirements and satisfactoriy completed a course which takes 90 days, of flight dispatcher specific training which is approved by DGCA.

The applicant shall have served under the supervision of a flight operations officer for at least 1 year within last 2 years preceding the application.


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